Strawberry Picking Near Oshawa: The Best Places to Visit in 2024

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The Best Pick Your Own Farms

Lush green fields of ripe strawberries glisten in the sun, ready to be plucked at The Best Pick Your Own Farms near Oshawa

Strawberry picking is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. Oshawa and its surrounding areas have some of the best pick-your-own farms in the country. Here are some of the top farms to visit:

Watson Farms 🌱

Located in Bowmanville, Watson Farms is a family-owned farm that has been in operation since 1885. The farm offers pick-your-own strawberries, raspberries, and other produce. Visitors can also enjoy wagon rides and explore the farm’s country store. Watson Farms is known for its high-quality produce and friendly staff.

Linton’s Farm Market 🍓

Linton’s Farm Market is located in North Oshawa and offers a wide variety of pick-your-own fruits and vegetables. Visitors can pick their own strawberries, raspberries, and pumpkins, or choose from the pre-picked selection. The farm market stand offers a variety of local produce, meat, cheese, honey, jams, preserves, and more. Linton’s is a great place to visit for a family outing.

Applewood Farm Winery 🍷

Located in Stouffville, just a short drive from Oshawa, Applewood Farm Winery offers pick-your-own strawberries and raspberries during the summer months. Visitors can also enjoy wine tastings and tours of the winery. The farm also has a bakery and country store, where visitors can purchase fresh produce and other locally made products.

These are just a few of the many pick-your-own farms in the Oshawa area. Admission prices, hours of operation, and other details may vary by farm, so it’s a good idea to check each farm’s website or social media pages before visiting.

When visiting a pick-your-own farm, visitors should wear comfortable shoes and clothing, bring sunscreen and insect repellent, and bring cash or check as some farms may not accept credit cards. It’s also important to follow the farm’s rules and regulations, including picking only the amount of produce you plan to purchase and leaving the rest for other visitors.

Overall, strawberry picking is a great way to spend a summer day in Oshawa and its surrounding areas. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and delicious produce while supporting local farmers.

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