Strawberry Picking Near Kawasaki Kanagawa: Top Farms to Visit

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Exploring Strawberry Picking in Japan

People picking strawberries in a lush field near Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. Rows of strawberry plants and baskets of freshly picked berries

Japan is known for its delicious strawberries, and there are many farms around the country where visitors can pick and eat fresh strawberries. One of the best places to go strawberry picking is near Kawasaki Kanagawa, where there are several farms that offer this fun and tasty activity.

Making Reservations for Your Visit

Before heading out to a strawberry farm, it is important to make a reservation. Many farms require visitors to make a reservation in advance, especially during peak season. Some farms allow visitors to make reservations online, while others require visitors to call or email to make a reservation. It is important to check the farm’s website or contact them directly to find out their reservation policy.

Best Times and Locations for Strawberry Picking

The best time to go strawberry picking in Japan is during the spring, from January to May. During this time, many farms offer all-you-can-pick and eat strawberries. Golden Week, a week of consecutive Japanese holidays from late April to early May, is a popular time for strawberry picking.

One of the best locations for strawberry picking near Kawasaki Kanagawa is Kamakura Kanko Strawberry Farm. This farm offers a variety of delicious strawberries, including the popular Benihoppe variety. Another great option is the Tsukuihama Tourist Farm, located in Yokosuka. This farm is accessible by train, with the Tsukuihama Station just a short walk away. They also offer a shuttle bus from Shinjuku Station for those who prefer to travel by car.

Here are the top farms for strawberry picking near Kawasaki Kanagawa:

  1. Kamakura Kanko Strawberry Farm: This farm offers delicious strawberries, including the popular Benihoppe variety.

  2. Tsukuihama Tourist Farm: Located in Yokosuka, this farm is accessible by train and offers a shuttle bus from Shinjuku Station.

  3. Setagaya Ichigo Juku: This farm is located in Tokyo and offers all-you-can-pick strawberries.

  4. Strawberry House Ebina: This farm is located in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture, and offers delicious strawberries and free parking.

Visitors should also check out Chiba Prefecture, which is known for its strawberry farms. Some of the best farms in Chiba include the Musashi No Mura in Saitama and the Tsukuba Strawberry Farm in Ibaraki.

In conclusion, strawberry picking is a fun and tasty activity that is accessible as a day trip from Kawasaki Kanagawa. Visitors should make reservations in advance, and check out the top farms in the area for the best strawberry picking experience.

Understanding Strawberry Varieties and Farming Techniques

When it comes to strawberry picking in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, it’s essential to understand the different varieties and farming techniques used to cultivate these sweet fruits.

The Role of Greenhouses in Strawberry Cultivation

Greenhouses play a crucial role in strawberry cultivation, especially in Japan, where the weather can be unpredictable. Greenhouses provide a controlled environment for the plants, ensuring that they receive the right amount of warmth, light, and moisture.

In recent years, hydroponics and organic farming techniques have become increasingly popular. Hydroponics involves growing plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water instead. This technique can produce sweeter strawberries with a longer shelf life. Organic farming, on the other hand, involves growing plants without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly option.

The most popular strawberry varieties in Japan include Tochiotome, Beni-hoppe, Yotsuboshi, and Akihime. Tochiotome is known for its sweetness and juiciness, while Beni-hoppe is slightly sourer but has a distinct aroma. Yotsuboshi is the sweetest variety, while Akihime is known for its firm texture and sweetness.

When visiting Kawasaki, Kanagawa, there are several top strawberry farms to choose from. One of the most popular is the Yumenoka Farm, which offers a unique strawberry picking experience in a “strawberry house.” Visitors can enjoy picking fresh strawberries while surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers. Another great option is the Kamakura Kanko Ichigo Farm, which grows the popular Benihoppe variety and requires a reservation.

Overall, understanding the different strawberry varieties and farming techniques used in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, can make for a more enjoyable and educational strawberry picking experience. With so many great farms to choose from, visitors are sure to have a sweet and memorable time picking fresh strawberries straight from the stem. 🍓

Savoring the Strawberry Experience

Strawberry picking is a fun and enjoyable activity for families, couples, and friends. Kawasaki Kanagawa offers several farms that provide this experience. Visitors can pick and eat strawberries straight from the stem, enjoying their sweet and juicy taste.

Top Farms for Strawberry Picking

  1. Tsukuihama Tourist Farm: This farm offers all-you-can-eat strawberry picking from January to May. Visitors can savor ultra-sweet strawberries to their heart’s content. The farm is open every day and operates from 9 am to 3 pm.

  2. Kamakura Kanko Ichigo Farm: This farm is located in the old city of Kamakura near Tokyo. They grow one of the most popular strawberries, Benihoppe, which tastes sweet and sour. Visitors can pick and eat strawberries for 30 minutes.

  3. Musashi No Mura: One of the most famous family-friendly spots in Saitama, Musashi Mura offers much more than just strawberry picking. Visitors can enjoy various attractions such as a petting zoo, a mini-train, and a craft village.

Additional Delights and Services

Apart from picking and eating strawberries, some farms offer additional delights and services. Visitors can buy condensed milk to dip their strawberries in, making them even sweeter. Some farms also provide small trays to carry the picked strawberries.

For those who prefer to enjoy strawberries as a dessert, strawberry daifuku is a popular choice. This sweet treat consists of a mochi (rice cake) filled with sweet red bean paste and a whole strawberry. It can be found in convenience stores and supermarkets.

Visitors can easily access these farms by car or by taking the Odakyu Line. Some farms require advance reservations, and some offer strawberry picking only on weekdays. Couples and families can enjoy this activity together, creating sweet memories.

In conclusion, strawberry picking near Kawasaki Kanagawa is a delightful experience for all. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and the sweet and juicy taste of strawberries.

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