Strawberry Picking Near Joliet IL: Top Farms to Visit in the Area

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The Best Pick Your Own Farms

Lush strawberry fields stretch to the horizon, ripe red berries glistening in the sun. Families wander, baskets in hand, plucking the juiciest fruit

When it comes to strawberry picking near Joliet, IL, there are several farms to choose from. Here are some of the top pick-your-own destinations in the area:

Braffet Berry Farm 🍓

Braffet Berry Farm is located in the northwest part of McLean County, in central Illinois. The farm has been growing strawberries since 1995 and offers top-quality, home-grown products. The owners, Curt and Peggy Braffet, invite families to visit and enjoy picking their own juicy berries. The farm has a family-friendly atmosphere and is a great place to spend a day in the sun.

Backwoods Berry Farm 🍓

Backwoods Berry Farm is located in Hettick Scottville Rd, near Joliet, IL. The farm offers strawberry picking in late May and early June, and also has a pumpkin patch in the fall. The farm is known for its sustainable farming practices and offers a variety of other berries and produce throughout the year.

Stade’s Farm and Market 🍓

Stade’s Farm and Market is a pick-your-own destination in McHenry County, IL. The farm offers strawberry picking in the spring, as well as a variety of other fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and fall. The farm also has a petting zoo, corn maze, and hayrides, making it a great family-friendly destination.

Cody’s Farm and Orchard 🍓

Cody’s Farm and Orchard is located near Marengo, IL, and offers strawberry picking in the spring, as well as apple picking in the fall. The farm is known for its fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as its family-friendly atmosphere.

Each of these farms offers a unique experience, so it’s worth checking them all out to see which one suits your needs. The weather can also play a big role in the picking season, so be sure to check with the farms ahead of time to make sure they are open and have ripe berries available.

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