Strawberry Picking Near Dromana: Top Farms and Tips

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The Best Pick Your Own Farms

Lush strawberry fields stretch out under the bright sun near Dromana, inviting visitors to pick their own juicy, ripe fruits

If you’re looking for a fun family adventure, strawberry picking near Dromana is the perfect activity. There are several pick your own farms in the area that offer fresh, ripe, and delicious strawberries straight from the field. Here are some of the best farms to visit:

Torello Farm 🌱

Torello Farm is a family-owned farm that offers a range of fresh produce, including strawberries. The farm is located in Dromana and is open from Monday to Sunday. The strawberry season typically runs from November to April, so make sure to check their website for opening times. The farm also offers a range of other activities, including tractor rides, animal feeding, and farm tours.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm 🍓

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm is a popular destination for strawberry picking near Dromana. The farm has been around for over 50 years and offers a range of activities, including strawberry picking, wine tasting, and a cafe. The farm is open from November to April, and you can find out more about their opening times on their website.

Ripe ‘n’ Ready Cherry Farm 🍒

While not a strawberry farm, Ripe ‘n’ Ready Cherry Farm is a great option if you’re looking for other fresh, seasonal fruits. The farm is located in Red Hill and offers a range of cherries, peaches, and apricots. The farm is open from November to January, so make sure to check their website for opening times.

All of these farms offer a unique and enjoyable experience for families and adults alike. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring sunscreen and a hat, and don’t forget to bring your own container for the strawberries.

👩🏻🌾 Pro Tip: Make sure to arrive early in the day, as the fields can get crowded later in the day.

Visiting the Farms

Strawberry picking is a fun activity for families and friends, and there are several farms around Dromana, Victoria, that offer this experience. Here is a list of the top farms in the area that you can visit:

Sunny Ridge

Sunny Ridge is a fourth-generation family-owned farm that has been operating since 1964. They offer strawberry picking during the summer months, and visitors can also enjoy their cafe and shop that sells a variety of strawberry-based products. The farm is located in Main Ridge, which is a short drive from Dromana.

Red Hill Cherry Farm

Red Hill Cherry Farm is known for its cherry picking, but they also offer strawberry picking during November. The farm is located in Red Hill South, which is a 15-minute drive from Dromana. Visitors can enjoy a picnic in the orchard and purchase cherry and strawberry products from their shop.

Folly Farm Berry Growers

Folly Farm Berry Growers is located in Boneo, which is a 10-minute drive from Dromana. They offer strawberry and raspberry picking during the summer months, and visitors can purchase fresh berries from their shop. The farm also has a cafe that serves homemade treats.

When visiting these farms, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as well as a hat and sunscreen. It is also important to follow the rules and regulations of the farms, such as not picking unripe berries or bringing pets onto the property.

Visitors can make a day trip out of their strawberry picking adventure by exploring nearby attractions such as the Mornington Peninsula, which is known for its wineries, beaches, and natural beauty. It is also a short drive from Melbourne, making it a great location for a weekend getaway.

Overall, strawberry picking near Dromana is a fun and enjoyable activity for all ages. It allows visitors to connect with nature and support local farmers while also indulging in the sweet taste of fresh strawberries. 🍓

Enjoying Your Harvest 🍓

After a successful day of strawberry picking near Dromana, VIC, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are many ways to enjoy your freshly picked strawberries, such as making preserves, desserts, or even adding them to ice cream.

One popular way to showcase your harvest is through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. By sharing your experience and creations, you can inspire others to visit the farms and enjoy the experience for themselves.

For those looking to expand their berry selection, some farms may offer other varieties like boysenberries or marionberries. Be sure to ask the farm staff for recommendations on how to best harvest and use these berries.

If you’re looking for more than just berry picking, some farms may offer additional activities like wagon rides or jumping pillows. These activities can add to the overall experience and create lasting memories.

Here are some top farms near Dromana, VIC to visit for your next strawberry picking adventure:

Top Farms

  1. Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm: This farm offers a variety of berries and has a cafe on-site serving up delicious treats like strawberry ice cream and scones.

  2. Ripe N Ready Cherry Farm: While this farm is known for its cherries, they also offer strawberry picking during the season. Be sure to check their website for availability.

  3. Red Hill Cherry Farm: This farm offers a picturesque setting and a variety of berries to pick. They also have a farm shop selling local produce and homemade jams.

No matter which farm you choose, strawberry picking near Dromana, VIC is a fun and rewarding experience that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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