Blueberry Picking Near Concord NH: Best Farms and Tips

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Exploring Pick Your Own Farms

A lush field of blueberry bushes stretches to the horizon, ripe fruit glistening in the sun. A quaint farm stand sits nearby, beckoning visitors to pick their own sweet, juicy berries

If you’re looking for an enjoyable family activity that also supports local farmers and provides you with fresh, wholesome produce, then look no further than the pick-your-own farms near Concord, NH. With the blueberry season in full swing, there’s no better time to visit one of the many farms in the area.

The Best Blueberry Farms in New Hampshire

Here are some of the top pick-your-own blueberry farms in New Hampshire:

  • Berry Good Farm: This family-owned farm in Hopkinton offers high-quality, sweet blueberries and honey, as well as homemade pies.
  • Butternut Farm: Located in Farmington, Butternut Farm has been providing locally grown produce for over 100 years. Their blueberries are some of the sweetest around.
  • Durocher Farm: This family-run farm in Sanbornton has been in operation for over 100 years. Their blueberries are delicious and their farm stand is stocked with a variety of other fresh produce.
  • Fairhaven Farm: Located in Pittsfield, Fairhaven Farm offers a wide variety of pick-your-own fruits and vegetables, including blueberries.
  • Milkcan Corner Farm: This farm in Loudon has been in operation since 1919. Their blueberries are sweet and delicious, and they also offer a variety of other locally grown produce.

Seasonal Activities and Harvest Calendar

Each farm has its own unique calendar for picking different fruits and vegetables throughout the season. Here are some of the activities you can expect to enjoy at the pick-your-own farms near Concord, NH:

  • Picking blueberries: Blueberry season typically runs from mid-July to mid-August.
  • Picking strawberries: Strawberry season typically runs from late May to early July.
  • Picking pumpkins: Pumpkin season typically runs from late September to early November.
  • Maple syrup season: Maple syrup season typically runs from late February to early April.

Local Farm Markets and Produce Stands

In addition to pick-your-own farms, there are also many local farm markets and produce stands in the area. These markets and stands offer a variety of fresh, locally grown produce, as well as other products like honey, maple syrup, and homemade baked goods.

Some of the top farm markets and produce stands in the area include:

  • Apple Hill Farm in Concord
  • Blueberry Bay Farm in Stratham
  • Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis
  • Emery Farm in Durham
  • Stark Farm Organic Blueberries in Dunbarton
  • Surowiec Farm in Sanbornton
  • Windy Ridge Orchard in North Haverhill

Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity, fresh produce, or just a way to support local farmers, the pick-your-own farms near Concord, NH are a great option. With a variety of farms and markets to choose from, there’s something for everyone. So grab your baskets and head out to the fields for a berry good time! 🍓

Sustainable Farming Practices 🌱

When it comes to blueberry picking near Concord, NH, sustainable farming practices are an essential consideration. The best farms in the area prioritize organic and environmentally friendly methods to ensure high quality, sweet, and wholesome blueberries that are locally grown and produced.

The top farms in the area include Grandpa’s Farm, Grounding Stone Farm, Rossview Farm, Saltbox Farm, and Smith’s Blueberries. Each of these farms is committed to sustainable farming practices, land stewardship, and community engagement.

Grandpa’s Farm is a family farm in rural Loudon, NH, that offers self-service pick-your-own blueberries in July and early August. They also have four varieties of Christmas Trees and offer cut-your-own options.

Grounding Stone Farm, owned and operated by Kathleen Jacobs and David Miller, purchased Peter Russell’s organic blueberry farm with the intent to keep his legacy alive. Peter’s blueberry fields were planted in 1986, and the acreage and crop have been maintained organically ever since.

Rossview Farm in Concord, NH, has been operating since 1890 and has a long history of sustainable farming practices. They offer a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including highbush blueberries, and prioritize land stewardship and community engagement.

Saltbox Farm in Stratham, NH, is a small family farm that offers a variety of seasonal produce, including blueberries. They prioritize sustainable farming practices, organic methods, and community engagement.

Smith’s Blueberries in Loudon, NH, is a family-owned and operated farm that has been producing high-quality blueberries for over 30 years. They prioritize sustainable farming practices, environmentally friendly methods, and community engagement.

Overall, blueberry picking near Concord, NH, offers an opportunity to engage with local produce and support sustainable farming practices. These farms prioritize land stewardship, organic methods, and community engagement to ensure high-quality, sweet, and wholesome blueberries.

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