Watermelon Cultivars (N-R)

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Hundreds of watermelon cultivars have been developed for use in the U.S. over the last few centuries by public and private plant breeders.

Below, the following information (when available) is given for each cultivar: fruit photograph, cultivar name, experimental designation, breeder, vendor, parentage, characteristics, resistances, similar cultivars, adaptation, and year of release.

New Hampshire Midget – Breeder: Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham. Parentage: Favorite Honey x Dakota Sweet. Similar: Favorite Honey. Characteristics: oval, gray skin, red flesh, black seed, high quality, very early, productive, thin rind. Adaptation: wide regional. N.H. Bul. 380. 1951.

Northern Sweet – Breeder: Minnesota Agr. Exp. Sta. Parentage: selection from Russian cultivar. Characteristics: early, round fruit, 10-12 lb. size, medium green rind with wide stripes, red-orange flesh. 1932.

Nova – Breeder and vendor: Sakata. Characteristics: triploid seedless hybrid, fruit weigh 10-13 lb. 1990.

Oasis (NCX 1553) – Breeder and vendor: Moran Seeds. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, striped rind with intense red flesh color; fruit measures 16 by 9 inches and weighs 24 pounds. Resistance: fusarium, anthracnose (races 1 and 3). Similar: Dixielee. Adaptation: wide. 1981.

Orton – Breeder: Florida. Parentage: Iowa Belle x unknown male parent. 1950.

Park’s Seedless Sweety (PSR 10076) – Breeder: Petoseed Co. Vendor: Park Seed Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, small vine; round, medium dark-green fruit; rich, red, crisp flesh that is seedless; fruit weight about 8 to 10 pounds. Resistance: none claimed. 1979.

Park’s Whopper (PSR 175) – Breeder: Petoseed Co. Vendor: Park Seed Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, medium-vigorous vine, round dark-green rind, bright-red flesh with small mottled seed. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Sugar Doll. 1979.

Peacock – Breeder: G. Stratis, Brawley, CA. Parentage: selection from Klondike?. Characteristics: oval fruit, 20-25 lb., dark green rind, sweet red flesh. 1939.

Peacock Special Shipper – Breeder: R. Peacock. Parentage: chance cross of Klondike. Characteristics: smooth, dark green rind, crisp, red flesh, 20-25 lb. 1935.

Peacock WR 124 – Breeder: Mr. Layton, California. Parentage: California Klondike 3 x Peacock x Klondike R7. 1959.

Peacock WR 50 – Breeder: Mr. Layton, California. Parentage: Klondike R7 x Peacock. Characteristics: tough thin rind, dark green with faint dark stripes, 15 x 10 inch size, 20-25 lb., sweet bright red flesh. Resistance: tolerant to fusarium wilt. 1955.

Perola (XP 2008) – Breeder and vendor: Asgrow Seed Co. Characteristics: open pollinated, small to medium sized uniform fruit; excellent eating quality. Resistance: none claimed. Similar: Charleston Gray (color) and Crimson Sweet (shape and maturity). PVP Certificate No. 800143. 1980.

Petite Sweet (Kansas 68-20) – Breeder: Dept. of Hort. and Forestry, Kansas State University, Manhattan. Parentage: Crimson Sweet and New Hampshire Midget. Characteristics: rind pattern similar to Crimson Sweet; fruit shape is blocky round, fruit weigh 5-10 lb; flesh color is bright pinkish red and seeds are few and small. Resistance: fusarium wilt, anthracnose races 1 and 3. 1970.

Picnic (XP 618) – Breeder and vendor: Asgrow Seed Co. Characteristics: Peacock type with more uniform flesh quality. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Improved Peacock. Adaptation: western United States and similar areas. 1972.

Prince Charles (PSX 573) – Breeder and vendor: Petoseed. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, earlier maturing and larger fruited than Charleston Gray with stronger fusarium wilt resistance. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Charleston Gray. Adaptation: wide. 1978.

Purdue Hawkesbury – Breeder: Dept. of Hort., Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, Ind. Vendor: Agr. Alumni Seed Assn. Parentage: inbred selection from Iowa Hawkesbury or Irish Gray. Similar: Hawkesbury or Irish Gray. Characteristics: long and sloping toward either end, earlier, rind more uniform thickness, flesh redder, quality better than Iowa Hawkesbury. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Adaptation: regional to the sand areas of southwestern and central Indiana. 1949.

Purdue Hawkesbury – Parentage: selection from Hawkesbury.

Quetzali (RXW 113) – Breeder and vendor: Rogers. Characteristics: Icebox type with Crimson Sweet striped rind; globe shaped with bright red firm flesh. Resistance: anthracnose race 1; tolerance to downy mildew. Similar: Mickylee. PVP. 1965.

Rebel Queen (FMX 4) – Breeder: H.Sakamoto. Vendor: Ferry-Morse Seed Co. Characteristics: high yields with good, vigorous vines, rind is gray-green with narrow black-green stripes, flesh is reddish pink and firm, a high quality shipping type melon. Similar: Crimson Sweet and Jubilee. 1982.

Red Charm – Breeder and vendor: Sakata. Characteristics: Icebox type watermelon. Similar: Red Cutie. 1993.

Red Heart (Tri-X-333) – Breeder: American Seedless Watermelon Seed Corp., Goshen, Ind. Parentage: diploid selected from Charleston Gray; tetraploid induced by colchicine. Characteristics: F1 triploid hybrid, fruit seedless, firm, high sugar, deep red; satisfactory shipping quality. Resistance: anthracnose, fusarium wilt and blossom end rot. Similar: Charleston Gray. Adaptation: southern and central United States. Amer. Seedless Watermelon Seed Corp. 21 Nov. 1962.

Red-N-Sweet – Breeder: Calhoun Research Station, Louisiana State University, Calhoun. Vendor: Hollar. Parentage: Calhoun Gray, Summit, Calhoun Sweet, Louisiana Queen, and plants from irradiated seeds of Calhoun Gray. Characteristics: round-oblong fruit with Jubilee stripes and intense red flesh color, seeds are black and the rind is thin. Resistance: fusarium wilt and anthracnose. 1987.

Rhode Island Red – Breeder: Rhode Island Agr. Expt. Sta., Kingston. Vendor: Joseph Harris Co. Parentage: Dixie Queen x Honey Cream, selfed eight generations. Similar: Dixie Queen. Characteristics: early maturity (89 days), tough rind, red flesh, dark brown seeds. Seed World 71:16-18. 1952.

Round Light Icing – 1885.

Royal Charleston – Breeder and vendor: Petoseed Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, 20 to 25 pound oblong melon with light-green skin, thick flesh, small seed size. Resistance: fusarium wilt, anthracnose, and mildew. Similar: Summer Festival. Adaptation: general. Petoseed Catalog 1973.

Royal Flush (PSX 10992) &endash; Breeder: F.Campara. Vendor: Petoseed Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, large fruited with deep red flesh color, matures in main season, fruit weigh 18-22 lb, oblong fruit shape. Resistance: fusarium wilt race 0. Similar: Royal Majesty and Sangria. 1995.

Royal Majesty (PSX 65688) – Breeder and vendor: Petoseed Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, Allsweet type, elongated fruit shape with medium green thin stripes, excellent production. Resistance: fusarium wilt. 1990.

Royal Red – see Tri-X-313.