Watermelon Cultivars (H-J)

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Hundreds of watermelon cultivars have been developed for use in the U.S. over the last few centuries by public and private plant breeders.

Below, the following information (when available) is given for each cultivar: fruit photograph, cultivar name, experimental designation, breeder, vendor, parentage, characteristics, resistances, similar cultivars, adaptation, and year of release.

Hawkesbury (synonyms Hawkesbury Wilt Resistant, Dark Seeded Gray Monarch) – Breeder: H.S. Shirlow, N.S.W. Australia. Parentage: discovered in a field of Gray Monarch; the same but with dark rather than light colored seed. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Gray Monarch. 1935.

Honey Cream – see Golden Honey Cream.

Honey Red (NCX 1559) – Breeder and vendor: Moran. Characteristics: Sugar Baby type with both larger vine and fruit, flesh color is a darker red than Sugar Baby, fruit weigh 9-11 lb, have a tough rind. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Sugar Baby. 1983.

Hope Diamond – Breeder: Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Parentage: Black Diamond x fusarium wilt- and anthracnose-resistant breeding line. Characteristics: high quality; good shipper. Resistance: fusarium wilt and anthracnose. Similar: Black Diamond. Ark. Farm Res. Vol. 7, no. 1. 1958.

Huck Finn (FMX 11) – Breeder and vendor: Ferry-Morse Seed Co. Parentage: FM inbreds. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, fruit large, blocky, oblong, with markings similar to Crimson Sweet. Similar: Crimson Sweet. Adaptation: wide. 1985.

Hungarian Honey – Parentage: introduced from Hungary. 1885.

Hybrid Sugar Baby – see Sugar Doll.

Improved Stone Mountain No.5 – Breeder: Mr. Younkin, Iowa. Parentage: Iowa Bell x Stone Mountain. Resistance: some fusarium wilt tolerance. Similar: Stone Mountain.

Iowa 112 – Breeder: Mr. Younkin, Iowa. Parentage: Iowa Bell x Jugoslavia 7. 1938.

Iowa Belle – Breeder: Porter, Iowa. Parentage: Conqueror x unknown male parent (probably Kleckley Sweet). 1932.

Iowa Dixie – Breeder: Mr. Wilson, Iowa. Parentage: Iowa Belle x Japan 7. 1934.

Iowa King – Breeder: Porter, Iowa. Parentage: Conqueror x unknown male parent (probably Kleckley Sweet). 1932.

Ironsides – Breeder: Vegetable Breeding Laboratory, USDA, Charleston, S.C., and Florida Agr. Expt. Sta. Leesburg, Fla. Parentage: (Leesburg x Hawkesbury) x Garrison. Characteristics: long, dark green, longitudinal ribbing, ends slightly tapered, early, excellent internal quality, sets few culls. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Blacklee. Fla. Agr. Expt. Sta. Circ. S-21, Nov. 1950.

Jade Star (PSX 36385) – Breeder and vendor: Petoseed Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, Sugar Baby type, very dark green rind, intense red flesh color, suited for home garden. Resistance: fusarium wilt. 1990.

Japan 7 – Parentage: received from Prof. Akewo Hemmi, Japan. Characteristics: white flesh, yellow rind, small oval fruit, early maturity. Resistance: fusarium wilt.

Jetstream (XPH 5084) – Breeder and vendor: Asgrow. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, large fruited Crimson Sweet type, round fruit with excellent eating quality and red flesh, recommended for areas where size attainment might be a problem with other types. Resistance: fusarium wilt race 1. Similar: Crimson Sweet. 1988.

Jubilation (NVH 4258) – Breeder and vendor: Northrup, King and Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, Jubilee type melon, shape is shorter and more blocky than Jubilee, flesh is medium bright red with excellent sweet flavor, very high yielding vigorous vine that holds up well, approximately 84 day maturity. Resistance: fusarium wilt and anthracnose race 1. Similar: Jubilee and Royal Jubilee. 1987.

Jubilee (F59-3) – Breeder: Florida Agr. Expt. Sta., Leesburg. Parentage: Africa 8, Iowa Belle, Garrison, Hawkesbury, and Leesburg. Characteristics: black-seeded Garrison type; fruit large, tough rind, sweet, pink-red flesh; elongated fruit with narrow, dark green stripes on a light green background; fruit 35 to 40 lb, with pinkish red flesh color. Resistance: anthracnose and fusarium wilt. Similar: Garrisonian. Adaptation: eastern United States. Fla. Agr. Expt. Sta. Circ. S-148. 1963.

Jubilee II – Breeder: Crall, Leesburg, Florida. Parentage: Jubilee x Jubilee 5. Characteristics: fruit and plant resembles Jubilee but selected for higher resistance to wilt. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Jubilee. 1990.

Juliett (NV 4317) – Breeder and vendor: Rogers. Characteristics: elongated Jubilee type, fruit weigh 23-30 lb, bright red flesh has approximately 11 percent soluble solids, approximately 90 day maturity. Resistance: fusarium wilt races 0 and 1. Similar: Jubilee, Jubilee 2, Royal Jubilee. 1992.