Watermelon Cultivar Descriptions (T-Z)

To cultivars (Sa-Sz)

Hundreds of watermelon cultivars have been developed for use in the U.S. over the last few centuries by public and private plant breeders.

Below, the following information (when available) is given for each cultivar: fruit photograph, cultivar name, experimental designation, breeder, vendor, parentage, characteristics, resistances, similar cultivars, adaptation, and year of release.

Tatum (XP 940) – Breeder and vendor: Asgrow Seed Co. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, fruit color of Crimson Sweet with darker stripes; shape similar to Chilean Black. Resistance: none claimed. Similar: Oriental type. 1980.

Tetra No. 2 (W1002) – Breeder: USDA Veg. Breeding Laboratory, Charleston, S.C. Parentage: (Charleston Gray type x Sugar Baby) x Sugar Baby. Characteristics: autotetraploid, extra hard rind, and firm flesh, few seeds.

Texas Giant – improved strain of Black Diamond.

Thurmond Gray – Breeder: Mr. Thurmond, Perry, Georgia. Characteristics: large elongated fruit with light green mottled rind, large seeds, pink flesh. 1923.

Tiffany (XPH 9039) – Breeder and vendor: Asgrow. Characteristics: triploid seedless hybrid, round, striped fruit weigh as much as 20 lb, flesh color is uniform red and solid. Similar: small Crimson Sweet. 1990.

Tom Watson – Breeder: Alexander Seed Co. Characteristics: elongated fruit, 25-40 lb., thin tough rind, dark green with dark veining; flesh is sweet, firm, crisp, course, red; large brown seeds spotted with white. 1906.

Tough Sweets – see Sugar Baby.

Tri-X-313 (Royal Red) – Breeder: American Seedless Watermelon Seed Corp., Goshen, Ind. Parentage: diploid parent selected from Congo; tetraploid induced by colchicine. Characteristics: F1 triploid hybrid; fruits seedless, red flesh, firm, high sugar content; good shipper. Resistance: anthracnose and blossom end rot, tolerant to fusarium wilt. Adaptation: southern United States and watermelon areas. Amer. Seedless Watermelon Seed Corp. 21 Nov. 1962.

Tri-X-333 – see Red Heart.

Tycoon (HMX7932) – Breeder: R.Schroeder. Vendor: Harris Moran Seed Co. Characteristics: triploid seedless hybrid, early maturing, round, striped, and weighs 10-12 lb. Similar: Jack of Hearts. 1991.

Verona (Verona 75) – Breeder and vendor: Mississippi State Univ., State College. Parentage: three-way cross involving Shipper, Black-stone, and Charleston Gray. Characteristics: outstanding shipping and keeping qualities; fruit attractive dark green, nearly round, sweet, tender, and crisp. Similar: Shipper and Florida Giant. Resistance: fusarium and anthracnose. Adaptation: general. 1965.

White Mountain – Breeder: Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham. Vendor: Hepler Seed Co. Parentage: Favorite Honey x Dakota Sweet. Characteristics: midget size, striped, thin rind, red flesh, numerous tan seeds. Similar: Favorite Honey. N.H. Bul 380. 1950.

White Seeded – Breeder: Mr. Porter, Iowa. Parentage: from African Stock. Resistance: fusarium wilt, anthracnose. 1932.

Whitehope – Breeder: Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Vendor: Willhite. Parentage: Hawkesbury, Stone Mountain No. 5, Kleckley No. 6, and Tom Watson. Characteristics: early; long; gray rind; high quality. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Charleston Gray. Adaptation: southwestern United States. Ark. Farm Res. Vol. IV. 1956.

Wills Sugar – Vendor: O.H. Will Seed Co., Bismarck, North Dakota. 1889.

Yankee Queen – see Merrimack Sweetheart.

Yellow Baby – Parentage: F1 hybridCharacteristics: yellow flesh, 5 to 8 pounds, round fruit. Similar: Yellow Doll. Adaptation: wide.

Yellow Doll (PSR 4574) – Breeder and vendor: Petoseed. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, yellow flesh, 5 to 8 pounds, round fruit. Similar: Yellow Baby. Adaptation: wide. 1977.

Yellow Rose (NVH 4299) – Breeder and vendor: Rogers. Characteristics: semi-elongated fruit with Crimson Sweet rind appearance, yellow-orange flesh color, fruit weigh 22-26 lb, soluble solids content is approximately 10.5 percent. Resistance: fusarium wilt. Similar: Tendergold, Tendersweet Orange Flesh. 1992.