Vegetable Cultivar Descriptions for North America – Swiss Chard

Lists 1-27 Combined

Edited by Irwin Goldman

Department of Horticulture
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706

Argentata – Characteristics: Italian heirloom type, silvery white midribs and savoyed deep green broad leaves, mild and sweet flavor.

Bright Lights – Breeder and vendor: Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Characteristics: AAS winner; features multi-colored stems, and lightly savoyed green and bronze leaves; taste is milder than ordinary chard; colorful bedding/ornamental plant is suitable for year-round production – 28 days baby, 55 days bunching. 2001.

Burpees Rhubarb Chard (Ruby Chard) – Breeder and vendor: W. Atlee Burpee Company, Philadelphia. Parentage: selection from Crimson Giant Swiss Chard. Characteristics: reddish green crumpled leaves and bright red, wide petioles with orange tint. Similar: Crimson Giant or Burbank’s Rainbow cultivar. Adaptation: wide. Burpee Catalog, 1941.

Fordhook Giant – Characteristics: leaves dark green, savoyed, white veins, stems broad and white, heat resistant, fresh market use.

Large White Ribbed – Characteristics: leaves dark green, smooth, white veins, stems broad and smooth, white, slightly flattened.

Neon Lights – Breeder and vendor: Burpee Seed Co. Adaptation: U.S. 2002.

Paros – Characteristics: tall, shiny, upright green leaves on thick white stalks, mild and sweet flavor.

Rainbow – Breeder: John Eaton. Vendor: Johnny’s. Characteristics: delicious Swiss chard with multicolored stems, red, pink, striped, white, orange, yellow, and lemon. Similar: Silverbeet Five Color.

Ruby Red – Characteristics: leaves deep green, savoyed, red veins, stems bright red and slightly flat, fresh market use.

Silverado – Breeder: Alf Christianson. Characteristics: glossy dark green leaves and white stems, compact habit, excellent flavor.