Vegetable Cultivar Descriptions for North America – Rutabega

Lists 1-27 Combined

Edited by Irwin Goldman

Department of Horticulture
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706

Acadia (Acadia Swede) – Breeder: Division of Forage Plant, Expt. Farm, Ottawa, Canada. Parentage: Danish Bangholm in 1914, by mass selection for high yield, type, and color. Characteristics: top growth large, neck relatively thick, roots mostly globular, frequently course in appearance, mostly purple above ground, occasionally bronze topped, high yielder. Similar: Bangholm. Adaptation: wide. Canada Department Agric. Pnb. 672. 1948.

American Purple Top – Characteristics: tender yellow flesh, purple crown and shoulders, large globe shape, good flavor.

Bristol White – Breeder: University of Massachusetts, Waltham Field Station, Waltham. Vendor: Boston Market Gardeners Association. Parentage: Selected mutation from local yellow rutabaga strain. Characteristics: smooth root, uniform, with a white shoulder. Adaptation: southeastern Massachusetts. Massachusetts Bul. 428.

Colbaga (NH W62 “rutabaga”) – Breeder: New Hampshire Agric. Expt. Sta., Durham. Vendor: Farmer Seed and Nursery Co. Parentage: Colchicine-treated sterile F1 (Chinese Cabbage x Red Cabbage) x Yellow fleshed rutabaga. Characteristics: new root vegetable and true breeding cultivar, sweet, crisp white flesh; used raw for salads and cooked like turnip; strong neckless tops have red petioles, roots red below soil line. Adaptation: all northern areas.

Laurentian – Characteristics: globe shape, yellow flesh, sweet flavor, deep purple crown.

Marian – Characteristics: yellow flesh, purple top roots, short wide leaves, good flavor and storability, clubroot resistance, vigorous.

Pike – Vendor: Johnny’s. Characteristics: purple top, good frost tolerance, yellow flesh, storage quality. Similar: Laurentian.

Sioux – Breeder and vendor: Herbert J. Ziehlsdorff, Washburn, Wisconsin, and Garden Meadows, Madison, Wisconsin. Parentage: inbred line. Characteristics: highly colored, light reddish-purple above soil, yellow interior, very sweet. Resistance: blight. Similar: American Purple Top. Adaptation: northern United States. 1965.

Strafford – Breeder and vendor: New Hampshire Agric. Expt. Sta., Durham. Parentage: undisclosed cross. Characteristics: round with purple blush, outstanding quality. Similar: Bristol white. Adaptation: cool growing areas. 1960.

Wilhelmsburger (Nappan Swede) – Breeder: Division of Forage Plants, Dom. Expt. Farm, Nappan, N.S., Canada. Parentage: out of Wilhelmsburger Hartmann (1935). Characteristics: top medium large, green leaves often reddish tinged, neck medium coarse. Resistance: club root. Similar: Green Top Swedish. Adaptation: areas where club root is prevalent. Canada Department Agric. Pub. 672.

York – Characteristics: sweet pale yellow flesh, clubroot resistant version of Laurentian, purple crown, top growth heavier than Laurentian. Resistance: club root.