Project Personnel

Cucurbit Breeding

Here you will find the list of project personnel, including technicians, visiting scientists, graduate students, and interns.

For those of you interested in the history of those who have worked here, see the

For graduate students, see graduate students at work in cucurbit breeding.

New personnel, see getting established.

If you are interested in working on the cucurbit breeding project, see job opportunities.

Project Leader


  • Emily Silverman, Research specialist
  • Terri Williams, Project assistant (Lab)
  • Danny Wisnowski, Project assistant (Field)
  • Daniel Reiland, Project assistant (Propagation)
  • Glenn Bolyard, Project assistant (Greenhouse)
  • Charlie Gantt, Summer assistant (Field)
  • Nathanael Andersen, Summer assistant (Field)


  • Sandie Wash, Accounting assistant

Graduate Students (see photographs of grad. students at work)

  • Emily Silverman (U.S.A.), RA – High resistance to downy mildew in cucumber, PhD 2019: Currently research specialist for North Carolina State Univ.

Visiting Scientists / Postdoctoral Research Associates

  • Nebahat Sari (Turkey), Visiting Scientist, Propagation of stevia, 2019-2020

Project Assistants

  • Chris Campbell, Greenhouse assistant
  • Samuel Lackey, Greenhouse assistant
  • Rachel Perry, Greenhouse assistant
  • Hubert Boadu, Greenhouse assistant
  • Hannah Massengill, Greenhouse assistant
  • Elliott Hall, Greenhouse assistant
  • Grayson Mills, Greenhouse assistant